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Memorial Road Pet Hospital

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We are always accepting resumes from committed and compassionate veterinary professionals. If you are looking for a collaborative environment that nurtures and encourages growth, apply below! We are an equal opportunity employer that strives to create a welcoming environment for employees and patients alike.

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Positions Available:


This department is the face of our company. They are the first smile and last touchpoint for all clientele. This very fast-paced position is responsible for making all clients, furry or otherwise, feel welcomed and cared for in our clinic in addition to directing the flow of business.

Some typical reception duties include: answering the phones, scheduling appointments, greeting clients, checking patients in and out, handling finances, prepare for next day admittance, and managing text messages, email and fax communications.

Kennel Technician

This department’s primary responsibility is to care for the animals that are here boarding with us. These people work hands on with the dogs and cats, ensuring that everyone is comfortable and happy.

Some typical kennel technician duties include: feeding all pets according to owner instruction, potty breaks, cleaning pet messes (urine, feces, blood, saliva, and vomit), sweep, mop, give baths, nails trims, dremels, playtimes, and monitor for any signs of illness.


This department serves as a go-between for reception and thehospital side, helping to ensure accurate information makes it to the correctpeople in a timely manner. This person does all the little things that needdoing throughout the day.

Some primary duties of the expeditor include: filling prescriptions, sanitizing exam rooms, checking out clients in exam rooms, assist reception with scanning documents and back up on phones, return calls for the doctors, schedule appointments, assist techs/asst with tasks, and creating, calling on and reviewing estimates.


Groomers are responsible for making sure your pet looks its absolute best. Groomers using their own tools are able to accurately and quickly groom all breeds of dogs and sedated cats. Our groomers typically take 6-8 dogs each day, dependent upon breed, size, matting etc.


Bathers work closely with our groomers throughout the day. They arrive early in the morning and begin bathing dogs and blow drying them. Bathers externally express anal glands and also keep a close eye out for things like skin or ear infections. This is a physically demanding position as all dogs become instantly smarter and faster once wet and covered in soap.

Veterinary Assistant

Vet Assistants work directly with the doctor and assist with the examination, testing, and treatment of all patients.

Some responsibilities of this position include: restraining animals, performing dental cleanings, obtaining radiographs, assisting in anesthetic procedures, filling prescriptions, and owner education.

Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT)

The Veterinary Technician is an invaluable member of the hospital team who works directly with the Veterinarian and supporting medical staff to ensure productive and quality veterinary care at all times. RVTs have been through a two-year program and attend continuing education courses to maintain their licensure.

This position’s responsibilities are very similar to that of a vet assistant but in addition to these duties, RVT’s also perform blood draws, administer anesthesia, give vaccines, and perform health assessments.

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)

This is the person you came to see. DVMs are responsible for diagnosing ailments, prescribing treatments, and performing surgeries.

This position is responsible for clear, professional and direct communication with pet owners and the team, ensuring the safety and well-being of all animals in their care, entering medical notes in a timely manner, returning client phones calls, and providing direction needed to give the best care possible.


The hospitals manager’s primary job is to ensure the success of the veterinary business. This includes the financial and cultural well-being of the hospital and its employees.

The hospital manager is responsible for things related to HR, budgeting, marketing, bill pay, payroll, staff meetings and CE, license renewals, IT issues, recruiting/onboarding, training development, inventory management, safety protocols, and addressing any client or employee disputes.