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Medical Services

two veterinarian staff members operate on a puppy
two veterinarian staff members operate on a puppy

Updates in medical treatments and diagnostics are constantly changing, and you can count on us to provide you with the most effective and current treatments options.


  • In house laboratory and hematology for rapid turnaround and treatment

  • Digital radiography allows us to obtain the best diagnostic images in a fraction of the time

  • Ultrasound capabilities give us a non-invasive way to explore patients tissues and evaluate the abdomen and heart for disease, defects, etc.

  • Endoscopy is another tool to evaluate the stomach and intestine in a “non-surgical” manner. Which means your little one is home sooner and in less pain.

Internal Medicine

With the above resources, we can more easily and confidently diagnose and treat a wide variety of diseases encountered in veterinary medicine. Prompt diagnosis and treatment is key!


  • Allergy testing and antigen treatment

  • Diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions including allergies, parasites, haircoat problems, etc.

  • of autoimmune skin conditions

  • Utilization of the best skin care products, shampoos, topicals, etc.


  • Management of chronic disorders

  • Diagnosis of disease

  • Treatment of superficial corneal ulcers

  • Correction of “cherry eye”, leaving the gland intact

  • Evaluation for glaucoma