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Rabies In Animals

What Is Rabies?

"Vaccines are among the most successful and cost-effective health investments in history." - Seth Berkley

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Rabies is most often transmitted from wildlife via a bite or a scratch.

Once infected the virus makes its way to the brain and begins paralyzing nervous system connections.

Prevention through vaccines is vital in controlling this disease.

Louis Pasteur developed the earliest effective vaccine against rabies that was first used in 1885.

Rabies vaccine


Per, for the state of Oklahoma:

"If an unvaccinated (or overdue for a booster vaccination) dog, cat, or ferret bites a person, it shall be placed in quarantine at a veterinarian's facility under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian for 10 days from the date that the person was bitten. The animal shall be vaccinated for rabies on the final day of the quarantine period."

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International Travel

Several countries have successfully eradicated rabies from their territory. These places are extremely cautious about allowing potential carriers of rabies in. Due to the long incubation period of rabies, a long quarantine is needed as well as additional health certificates.

A health certificate states that a veterinarian has examined your pet within a specific window of time and found them to be healthy.

If you're traveling with your pet make sure you research the requirements of your destination.

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